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Where do I start? First let me say, I don’t own a restaurant or catering business and I don’t compete in BBQ cook-offs. But I love great BBQ! For more than 30-years I have been your friendly neighbor who loves to BBQ and share it with family, friends and co-workers. Also known as “Guinea Pigs”. My wife and I have traveled the country in our 5th wheel, always looking to find that very special BBQ joint that just blew your socks off. Well there’s some really great BBQ out there and the majority of it is cooked the same way – low and slow. Pit masters use different woods and different techniques, but the real difference is in the rubs and sauces that they use. And that’s why I started RJ’s 3-Rivers BBQ.


Over the years I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on every BBQ sauce and rub imaginable. I’d order them on-line, buy them when traveling and bring them home to try. My family and friends kept telling me, “…it’s good, but not as good as yours”. My Memphis Style BBQ Sauce is a hybrid of Regions. It’s a lot of Memphis, with a little KC and Texas thrown in for balance. My All Purpose Rub is a perfect blend of sweet and heat, that works well on just about anything. If you check out the recipe page, you’ll see how the addition of just a few ingredients to the rub changes its complexion without having to create a whole new rub.


Thank you for visiting my website and hopefully my sauces and rubs can add another chapter in your quest for great BBQ.


Rich Johnston

RJ’s 3-Rivers BBQ